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show: [ show full transcriptions | abridged transcriptions | just the first line ] [[Boys' Apartment]] / Dave: AAAARGH! / Dave: The Probability test of next week is gonna be TOMORROW! We only have 18 hours to study! / Dave: AAAARGH! / Roger: And HE is worried? I didn't even know we were taking a Probability course! / Margaret: What a stupid thing to do! I lost my class notes... and the test... [[Boys' Apartment]] / Margaret: I suppose I COULD study with Dave, but those guys are just too weird for me. / April: Well, you won't fail... But don't be surprised if Dave gets a better grade than you in the test. / Margaret: NEVER!!! / Table: WHAM! / Dave: Random variables! Distributions! Moment generating functions!... [[Boys' Apartment]] / Mike: I'm going to the bedroom to do some memorizing. See ya lovebir-- people around. / Dave: Roger? / Roger: Yes? / Dave: Stay and die. / Roger: What? / Dave: I said, "pass the eraser" / Roger: Here. / Dave: Thanks. You're dead meat. / Roger: Uh? / Dave: I said, "Thanks. You're a good friend". / Roger:... [[Boys' Apartment]] / Margaret: I'm... gonna... SCREAM... / {{Part of the "Test Osterone" storyline}} [[Boys' Apartment]] / Dave: Leaving? Aaaw, but it's still early... / Margaret: I know, but I want to sleep a bit before chapter 6. Laters... / Mike: Way to go, man! Babes knock on your door just to share your wisdom! / Dave: Not only my wisdom, I hope. Boy, she's really something... / Mike: Cool! Well, now that... [[Girls' Apartment]] / April: You STOLE Dave's notes? Are you out of your MIND??? / Margaret: I'm sorry, but I can't study with him! / Margaret: The guy just STARES at me all the time. / April: He's got a crush on you and you KNOW it! You just CAN'T do this to him! / Margaret: TRY me. / April: We'll SEE about that! / Marsha:... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Margaret: HEY! / April: I gotta do something! Okay, first I steal the notes from Margaret... / Margaret: YOU'RE NOT GONNA GET AWAY with THIS! GET BACK HERE! / April: Then I run like hell... / April: Then I suddenly remember I forgot to open the door... / Margaret: Smooth move, little Miss... [[Boys' Apartment]] / Mike: You don't believe Margaret took your notes on purpose, do you? / Dave: Of course not! That would be ridiculous! And there she is, I bet. / April: Hi Dave! Margaret has something to tell you. Right, Margaret? / Margaret: ouch! Uh... my mistake, sorry, I took your notes. Can I stay? / Dave:... [[Boys' Apartment]] / Dave: Are you still feeling sleepy? We could make some coffee... / Margeret: No, thanks. In fact, I'm really wide awake. / Caption: Ten minutes later... / Dave, Margaret: ZZZZZZ / Caption: THE DREADED ALL-NIGHTER is different for every person. The effects could be any or all of the following... [[Boys' Apartment]] / Margaret, Dave: AAAARGH! / Margaret: Uh, sorry, I thought it was an ugly nightmare. / Dave: We must have fallen asleep while studying for the test, and... / Margaret, Dave: AAAARGH! / Mike: Could you stop screaming? Every sound is amplified 300% inside my head. / {{Part of the "Test Osterone"... [[Boys' Apartment]] / Mike: I can't believe you made us pull an all-nighter over a RUMOR! / Roger: Couldn't you verify it before telling EVERYBODY? / Dave: Hey, don't blame me. Blame Frank 'Teletubbie' Jones. He told me. / Mike: Was he DRUNK? / Dave: Couldn't tell. Never seen him sober. / Margaret: Dave? / {{Part... [[Girls' Apartment]] / April: You bought a TV? But we didn't have enough money yet! / Marsha: I know, but it's a second-hand one. / April: You should have asked us about it. Margaret's gonna blow a vein. / Marsha: It was a great offer, and it works just fine! / Marsha: Did I mention I got a free t-shirt with it? / {{Part... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Margaret: Let me get this straight. You took the money we were saving for a NEW television. Instead, you bought that second hand one. / Marsha: Yup... / Margaret: Give me just ONE REASON I should let you live. / Marsha: I still owe you twenty bucks. / {{Part of the "Televicious" storyli... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Roger: Cool! You got a TV! But there's something strange about it... / Marsha:, it's the latest craze! High definition TVs! You know, TALLER ones... / April: Geez! Don't you read "Popular Mechanics"??? / Roger: I'm OBSOLETE!!!! / {{Part of the "Televicious" storyline}} [[Girls' Apartment]] / Roger: What are you doing? / April: I'm fixing the T.V. / Roger: YOU?? / Roger: *gasp* NEVER make women with screwdrivers ANGRY!!! / Marsha: What are you doing? / April: I'm gonna fix this thing even if it KILLS me! / Caption: ZAP / April: Don't say a word. / Marsha: But how could that happen? It... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Marsha: April? What are you doing? / April: Watching the TV... / Marsha: Why? / April: Good question. I suppose people watch TV because they're too lazy to read a book. / Marsha: You're not watching TV, you're just staring at it! but why? / April: Sometimes you can see cool 'magic 3-D pictures'... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Margaret: She's been WHAT? / Marsha: She's been POSSESSED! / Marsha: You gotta see for yourself! / Margaret: Marsha, it's three in the morning... / Margaret: Geez! WHERE did you get that freakin' TV??? / Marsha: "Curses, spells and second-hand electrical devices"! Got the hairdryer there,... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Dave: Who in the world knocks at three in the morning??? / Dave: Well I don't care. Anyway I'm gonna beat the crap outta h.... / Margaret: Oh gentle human being! I fell off my cloud... outside it's so cruel and cold! Can I stay here tonight? / Dave: mmmmmmhh?? / Margaret: I said we have... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Roger: Holy... / Dave: Oh my God. She's really POSSESSED! Mike, what are we gonna do? / Mike: Nothing. It's just a pizza dream. It will eventually go away. / Dave: Just a DREAM? It's REAL! / Mike: Oh, they always look REAL, but you can tell they're dreams. April is floating in the air. Roger... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Mike: Look. I admit I believe in demons, but just because I saw one once... / Dave: Yes we DID! / Roger: Right. And this morning I saw a leprechaun in my breakfast cereal... / Mike: I mean, c'mon! This is almost the 21th century! Ghosts are medieval thoughts for medieval people! I could... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Marsha: Oh Mike, you are so STRONG and BRAVE! It takes a REAL MAN to open that door! You're the one who's gonna do it, right? / Mike: Uh... right. / Background: knock knock / Margaret: I really hate when you do that, Marsha. / Marsha: Shut up, you fool! It works! / Mike: Can't be a wimp...... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Mike: Ray! What are you doing here? / Ray: Long time no see, maaan. This is my psychic, medium, guru girlfriend Pokono. / Pokono: I can feel a bad entity from miles away. Can we come in? / Pokono: Oh holy Manteia! BAD vibes! I can feel the excruciating pain that floats in this room! / Roger:... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Pokono: O entity! Why have you come to a dimension and time where you don't belong? / April: Why? I'm trapped here! And living in a haunted TV sucks... now that I have this mortal body I can be evil in a more efficient way! / Pokono: You leave that body alone or prepare to suffer the... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Pokono: In order to exorcise the bad entity we need a spiritist session. Link your hands using only your little fingers, and clear your mind of all thoughts. / Mike: Now that's gonna be no problem for you, uh, Roger? / Roger: Tsk, tsk, Mike. I really saw THAT one coming. Predictability... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Pokono: Spirit! Unknown entity! We shall communicate the usual way... one knock means "yes". two knocks means "no". Oh entity! Are you here? / Background: knock knock / Roger: Um, could we try a less horrible way to call a spirit? Like, Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice? Please? / Pokono:... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Pokono: If you wish to help us, oh dead soul, you will have to take over a mortal body among the ones in this room. We are running out of time, so make your choice. / Roger: Uh... Don't count me in, okay? / Pokono: Don't be silly. I'm the medium, it will chose me, of course. / Light: Fissskk! / Pokono:... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Mike: Just GREAT! Now what? I thought you had a plan, Pokono... / Pokono: Yes. But this never happened before. / Dave: Don't tell me he's possessed too! / Margaret: And why, oh why, does he carry a HAIRDRYER?? / Roger: I am the spirit that used to haunt this hairdryer. Now step aside, I... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Roger: I'm sorry! You're gonna have to evacuate that property right now... / Roger: You're breaking too many universal laws... you just can't keep that body! Leave quietly and nobody gets hurt... / April: Geez! Who is this guy? KARMA POLICE? / Roger: A tough entity, uh? I have a hairdryer...... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Margaret: Are they really gonna fight?? Can't we stop them? / Pokono: We can't. Besides, that's why I called that stupid Roger-choosing spirit. / Dave: But we're safe, right? RIGHT? / Mike: Shhh! It's starting! / Marsha: I can't look! Tell me when it's over! / April: Eat hot real state infomercials! / Roger:... [[Girls' Apartment]] / Roger: Brain cells dying! Must reach a book! / April: None of that, my friend. You're defeated. / April: And now for the finale... endless hours of O.J. trial! ............-uh?- / Roger: I don't believe it! The entity ran out of energy fighting... It's gone! / April: So THIS is what they...

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