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show: [ show full transcriptions | abridged transcriptions | just the first line ] [[Boys' Apartment]] / Dave: Aw, c'mon Mike! You know how important this is to me! It's just for a few hours! / Mike: Mh. Why should I let you use my car for your date? You hate my guts anyway! / Dave: Uh... I don't hate your guts! / Mike: Yeah you do. AFter all, I almost beat you to death once... / Dave: Look,... [[Boys' Apartment]] / Mike: Okay, stop crying like a baby... I'll let you borrow my car on one condition. You have to let me punch you really hard! / Dave: You...! All right, go ahead. Just not with the tentacle. / Mike: Yes, with the tentacle! / Dave: *sigh* Who am I kidding? Let's get this over with... / Mike:... [[Blue's room, Boys' Apartment]] / Blue: Hello? Mike! What, making the obligatory weekly phone call? / Mike: You know it is... say, is the dragon around? / Blue: No, but... / Blue: You shouldn't call our beloved mother that. She's got the phone lines tapped, you know... / Mike: WHAT? Oh crap, I'm DEAD! / Blue: I'm... [[Boys' Apartment]] / Roger: Sure, he's here. Mmh, wait... / Roger: I'm sorry, Margaret, he's not home - WHOA! / Dave: I'm here! Sorry, I was just trying to avoid... / Dave: Oh. Hello, Blue. / Roger: Blue? Damn, I have lost my ability to recognize voices... / {{Part of the "The Adversary - Call of the Wild" sto... [[Blue's room, Boys' Apartment]] / Blue: Will you relax, Dave? There's no reason to get upset... / Dave: Have you got no shame at all? This is wrong, and you know it! / Blue: Aw, c'mon. It's not like it's the real stuff. We don't have to worry at all... / Dave: Bapsch. It's still morally wrong. / Blue: Morals?... [[Boys' Apartment]] / Dave: You know, Blue, you were right! This is actually FUN... keep going... / Dave: Ooooh! Yeah! But please, don't leave out any nasty details... / Dave: (Psst. It's for you) / Mike: Cool. Thanks. / Mike: ????... What the... BLUE? / Blue: AAIEEEE!!! / {{Part of the "The Adversary - Call of the... [[Outside]] / Dave: Only 27 hours to the Big Date! / Roger: Nervous? / Dave: Not really, considering... well, WOW! It's a date with MARGARET! / Dave: I've always wanted a chance with her, and this is it. So my entire life depends on what happens tomorrow, and if it goes bad I'm probably jumping from a building... [[Apartment Hall]] / Dave: This is it, Chester... wish me luck! / Dave: Hey, I said "luck" not "salmonella"! / Dave: Oh no! I can't do this! Incoming Panick Attack! !@{*#@%&#@!{!)*%){#@*$#( / Dave: Much better / Dave: Hi, Ready! Are you Margaret to go? / Margaret: Ee-yep. Gonna be a looong night. / {{Part of the "The... [[Fair]] / Margaret: ... / Margaret: Dave... we drove two hours for THIS? / Dave: Eep! Oh, damn. I knew you'd hate the idea... we.... we can go back... we... *gulp* / Margaret: Eeh... / Margaret: I don't know. But I suppose that while we're here we can ride that round thing over there! / Dave: That? That's the "Funky... [[Fair]] / Margaret: Fun-ky Horror! Fun-ky Horror! / Dave: Ooh boy. Maybe screaming for mercy that high up in the air is not a good idea. Mh, how about the bumper cars? / Margaret: C'mon, let's go! / Dave: How could you convince me of this??? / Margaret: You're scared? Aaaw... / Dave: How can I be scared when I... [[Fair]] / Margaret: Crap! Is that Mary-Ann? / Dave: Mary-who? / Margaret: Mary-Ann! the TEACHER'S PET! I hate her! Oh, I'll TEACH her... / Dave: Wait... what are you gonna... / Margaret: Bump her car to Hell where she belongs! / Dave: Let's get out of here! We were lucky that hot dog cart broke her fall... / Margaret:... [[Fair]] / Dave: Wow, nice job at the shooting gallery... that was one pissed off carney! / Margaret: Ha! Yeah, I thought the vein on his forehead was gonna blow! / Dave: I'm glad you're having fun. I wanted to take you to a nicer place, but my budget was too small, and... / Margaret: What place could be better... [[Fair]] / Margaret: AndMargaret: My God... what is THAT? / Dave: Erm... my heart? / Margaret: No, THAT BEHIND YOU! / {{Part of the "The Adversary - Datestiny" storyline}} [[Fair]] / Bull: MOO! / Dave: What the...? / Margaret: Look out! / Dave: Whoa!!! / Margaret: Ngg! / Margaret: BLAST IT, DAVE! / Dave: Can't! If I stop to do that it'll get me! / Margaret: Hang on, I'll help you! / Dave: No! It might attack you! Just stay AWAY! / {{Part of the "The Adversary - Datestiny" storyline}} [[Fair, Boys' Apartment]] / Dave: Eep! / Mike: Since you're the all-purpose guru around here, would you happen to know just WHAT THE HELL is with this cat??? / Roger: Either the floor's cold or he thinks you'd look good with a Marge Simpson hairdo. / {{Part of the "The Adversary - Datestiny" storyline}} [[Fair]] / Dave: *huff* *puff* You stupid bull... / Bull: MOOOOO / {{Part of the "The Adversary - Datestiny" storyline}} [[Fair]] / Dave: Whoa! / Dave: Oooof! / Bull: MOOOOO / {{Part of the "The Adversary - Datestiny" storyline}} [[Fair]] / Margaret: ARGH! I run all the way here to get my gun and I don't even have the damn keys! / Margaret: Aw, what the hell... behold the power of the ROCK! / Margaret: I'm sorry, but either Mike has a cow or Dave gets the bull. / {{Part of the "The Adversary - Datestiny" storyline}} [[Fair]] / Margaret: Now to find the bull I just have to follow the screaming people... / Margaret: Wha? They're taking the bull away! And it's smoking... that means Dave blasted it! / Margaret: But where is he? / Margaret: That means I broke the car window for nothing... and I bet Dave's gonna freak out about... [[Fair]] / Margaret: Where IS he? We've looked around for an hour and it's like he vanished! / Joe: Relax. I'm sure we'll find him very soon... this park is not that big, after all. / Margaret: Maybe he's looking for me and we're never gonna find him that way. Maybe we should just stay in one place. / Joe: What... [[Fair]] / Margaret: Well, he's not here either. / Joe: Wait, wait! / Margaret: C'mon Joe, we gotta keep looking... / Joe: But... but that's "Meant to Be"! It's my favorite song in the whole world! / Margaret: What? Joe, I'm NOT in the mood to dance! / Joe: Aw, c'mooon... just this single one! Do it for me. Please? / Margaret:... [[Fair]] / Margaret: We shouldn't be doing this. / Joe: Shhh. Enjoy the moment, Margaret. / Margaret: I feel very strange... / Margaret: It's like all this is not... REAL. Like a dream. Or something else. / Joe: Well, it's a dream. At least to me. / Dave: This... is a friggin' nightmare... / {{Part of the "The Adversary... [[Fair]] / Dave: I hope you're happy now, Dave. People like you aren't supposed to dream. You idiot. / Dave: HEY YOU! THE GUY UP THERE! / Dave: I don't know what kind of sick game this is, but I suppose I can play, too! / Dave: You see, now I'm gonna get back there and ask her if she's coming home with me. And... [[Fair]] / Margaret: Wha... what's happening? / Joe: Nothing's happening. We're just dancing... / Margaret: THIS. This is wrong. This is SO WRONG. / Joe: Aaw. Why do you keep resisting me? Trust me. I'll make everything go right for you. You won't have to worry about anything else. Ever. / Margaret: What... are... [[Fair]] / Margaret: Hh....stay away from me! / Dave: Wait! / Joe: Hold it. / Joe: Look at yourself. You pitiful vermin! Keep fluttering around her and I'll teach you... there are worse things than just death... / Joe: UGH! / Dave: Hah. / {{Part of the "The Adversary - Datestiny" storyline}} [[Fair]] / Dave: MARGARET! Wait! / Margaret: There you are! I've been looking for... wait a minute, what happened to you? / Dave: Mh, the bull and I were playing a little soccer. I was the ball... / Margaret: It's a bad looking cut. At least I can't see your brains... does it hurt a lot? / Dave: Sss! Ow! Not really,... [[Mike's Car]] / Margaret: I'm sorry about the broken window, Dave. I'll pay for it. / Dave: No, Margaret, I'll pay for it. After all, you were just trying to help me. / And I'm sorry about that wound on your head, too. / Dave: Don't be silly. That's not your fault. / Margaret: That's what YOU think. / Dave: Um...... [[Mike's Car]] / Dave: Maybe we should stop. / Margaret: And let him get me? Never! / Dave: He might not be after you. I punched him awhile ago... / Margaret: You WHAT? Dave, you don't know who this guy is, do you? / Dave: I don't know who he is and what he's got against me, but he said some nasty things and I... [[Mike's Car]] / Margaret: DIE!!! / Dave: OhmyGod- / Dave: Margaret! The curve! / Margaret: AAAAAARGH!!!! / {{Part of the "The Adversary - The End of it All" storyline}} [[Underwater]] / Dave: Mmhn. (???) / Dave: M-margaret? / Dave: We're.... under the water! We gotta get out of here quick! / Dave: Margaret? / {{Part of the "The Adversary - The End of it All" storyline}}

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